Ruts - Stepping Bondage

Ruts - Stepping Bondage 7"

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UK 7" 1983 (Bohemian - BO 4)

1 Stepping Bondage 2:37
2 Lobotomy 2:11
3 Rich Bitch 2:00

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'Stepping Bondage' Produced by R.E. Vox
'Lobotomy' and 'Rich Bitch' Produced by Angel Nyah. Engineered by Ashley Brigdale

"These tracks are the first recordings the Ruts made way back in '77. The B-side saw Dave Ruffy playing bass, Paul Mattock drums, Malcolm Owen vocals, and Paul Fox on guitar. The A-side was recorded a little later when Dave Ruffy went back to drums and Segs (up till then the roadie) played bass. We performed these songs on stage and they have only been available on very dodgy 'live' bootlegs."

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Recorded at Free Range Studios, October 1977

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JEFF BALE, MAXIMUM ROCKNROLL #6, MAY/JUNE 1983: The earliest studio recordings by the late Malcolm Owens' RUTS, made way back in '77. And hot damn, the title track is a totally classic chunky punk rock song that ranks right up there with "Babylon's Burning." It's a marvelous cut which isn't equalled by the two songs on the B-side. The latter suffer from vastly inferior production, but are also poorer compositions. A must for fans of original U.K. punk music.

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Ruts - Stepping Bondage - UK 7" 1983 (Bohemian - BO 4)Ruts - Stepping Bondage - UK 7" 1983 (Bohemian - BO 4)

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