Formed: Accrington, Lancashire, England, UK

Ultra-obscuro band from North England. They gigged with the equally obscure Cybermen (with whom they shared drummers) and had a horrible name. They stuck around long enough to release this unbelievably rare single. Standard issue punks, they played songs called 'Smashing The System' and '18 Year Confusion' and supported bigger bands traveling north, but after the debut single was recorded (late 1977) they had lineup troubles and staggered through 1978, splitting in '79. A demo was recorded in 77 (or maybe 78) but appears to be lost.



Singles & Albums

Schoolgirl Bitch - Abusing The RulesAbusing The Rules (7", 1978)


Various Artists

Back To Front Vol. 3 Germany LP 1993 (Incognito): Think For Yourself

Raw And Rare British Punk Volume 3 UK LP 1997 (Raw Sounds): Abusing The Rules / Think For Yourself

Bored Teenagers (14 Great British Punk Originals '77-'82)UK LP/CD 1999 (Bin Liner): Abusing The Rules



Punk 77 - Photos and interview

Bored Teenagers - Photos, discography, stuff




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