The Secluded - Ebbw Vale, South Wales, UK

Formed: Ebbw Vale, South Wales, UK

TERMINAL ESCAPE WEBSITE: File this right along with THE CONVULSIONS and SMILES, but Wales' SECLUDED sit back a little mellower, with an almost street punk groove at times. This 1982 demo was the bands only recording, and it is well worthy of whatever legendary status it might have - each one of these tunes is infectious and I can't rewind the tape fast enough when it's over. Fucking perfect driving UK punk with bouncing bass lines that positively demand a pogo pit right this very second, even if you are the only punk in the room. Smiffy, Stu, Lou and Brainy fucking nailed this one, I only wish they had given me more.



Demos / Tapes

The Secluded - We Despise SocietyWe Despise Society (Tape, 1982)

Various Artists

I've Got Those... Demo-Lition Blues! UK LP 1983 (Insane): Steal Cheat & Victimise





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