Sex Pistols - Pretty Vacant

Sex Pistols - Pretty Vacant

Original Release Date


Release Information

UK 7" 1977 (Virgin - VS 184)

1 Pretty Vacant 3:10
2 No Fun 6:32


US 7" 1977 (Warner Bros - WBS 8516)

1 Pretty Vacant 3:20
2 Sub-mission 4:15

Chart Placings

UK Chart Hit: 6, 9 wks


Virgin - VS 184:

1: Produced by Chris Thomas
2: Produced by Dave Goodman


Warner Bros - WBS 8516:

1,2: Produced by Chris Thomas & Bill Price. From the Warner/Virgin album BSK 3147 Never Mind The Bollocks Here's The Sex Pistols

Additional Credits

Johnny Rotten - vocals
Steve Jones - guitar; bass on 'Pretty Vacant' and 'Submission'
Glen Matlock - bass on 'No Fun'
Paul Cook - drums

'No Fun' recorded October 16th, 1976, at Wessex Studios
'Pretty Vacant' recorded March 3rd 1977, at Wessex Studios
'Submission' recorded April 22nd 1977, at Wessex Studios

UK 7" Sleeve design By Jamie Reid

Reviews & Opinions

ROY CARR, NME, JULY 1977: Forget about the acceptable face of outlaw chic. The Sex Pistols are a band virtually unable to perform before a public who helped to create them. It’s a vacuum in which no other band has, until now, found itself thrust. As a result of this dilemma, the only positive outlet for their frustrations is the comparative isolation of the recording studio and it’s from here that 'Pretty Vacant' - the music, the noise, the intense atmosphere – boils over in sheer anger and desperation. People have been trying to get this pitch of intensity throughout the ‘70s and the cumulative desperation seems finally to erupt on this seminal single.

Additional Notes

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Sex Pistols - Pretty Vacant - UK 7" 1977 (Virgin - VS 184)Sex Pistols - Pretty Vacant - UK 7" 1977 (Virgin - VS 184)

UK 7" 1977 (Virgin - VS 184). Click here for more

Sex Pistols - Pretty Vacant - US 7" 1977 (Warner Bros - WBS 8516)Sex Pistols - Pretty Vacant - US 7" 1977 (Warner Bros - WBS 8516)

US 7" 1977 (Warner Bros - WBS 8516). Click here for more


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