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Stiff Little Fingers ‎– Flags & Emblems1988 Onwards.

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Unfortunately, they wouldn't let it lie at just a few reunion shows and the group continues to this day, making new records and gigging constantly. This is actually good news for anyone who wants to see them live, as they are still an exciting live act. No Sleep Till Belfast (Kaz, 1988) and See You Up There! (Virgin, 1989), however, are concert recordings dating from this reformation period, with the Fingers sounding like they've been out of practise, particularly on the former disc, which is painfully slow. 'No Sleep Till Belfast' itself is a tongue-in-cheek rap song along the lines of the Beastie Boys, and it's terrible. TERRIBLE!

Finally getting around to making an album, Flags & Emblems (Essential, 1991) wasn't worth the wait. Apart from 'No Surrender', which could have been recorded in 1980, and 'Each Dollar A Bullet' (a condemnation of America's funding of the IRA) there isn't much to recommend this tired affair. While lyrically fiery, it is also preachy where it should be passionate, often rhetorical, and full of U2-type grandstanding. Worse, the music is uninspired and flat, gravitating towards heavy metal on several occasions, and Status Quo boogie on others.

Reduced to a trio with Cluney having been booted out (apparently for having been too metally on the previous record, although there's still some of that here) and The Jam's Bruce Foxton roped in, the next three albums – Get A Life (Essential, 1994), Tinderbox (Abstract Sounds, 1997) and Hope Street (Oxygen, 1999) - are a general improvement. Burns' hasn't forgotten how to write a catchy tune and there are traces of the old magic, but just when one thinks they may be on to something decent, they go and do something stupid, like a patronising song about unemployment, an excruciating ballad, use pan pipes, insert Mark Knopfler or Jimmy Page type guitar bridges, or turn Grandmaster Flash's 'The Message' into a woebegone rap-metal crossover. (Of discographical note: The US version of Get A Life adds the "unplugged" contents of the Can't Believe In You single and has different artwork. Both the UK and US versions of Hope Street come with different bonus CDs containing old live and studio material.)

NOTE: SLF have also been the subject of a tribute 7"/CD single, 'Barbed Wire Love - A Tribute To Stiff Little Fingers' (Sidekicks Records, 1999), which features one American band (Dropkick Murphys doing 'Nobody's Hero') and three Swedish bands (Voice Of A Generation. 59 Times The Pain and Bombshell Rocks doing 'Alternative Ulster', 'Law And Order' and 'State Of Emergency' respectively.


DISCOGRAPHY - The Later Years

Singles & Albums

Stiff Little Fingers ‎– Beirut MoonBeirut Moon (CDS, 1991)

Stiff Little Fingers ‎– Flags & EmblemsFlags & Emblems (LP/CD, 1991)

Stiff Little Fingers ‎– Get A Life CDGet A Life (CD, 1994)

Stiff Little Fingers ‎– Can't Believe In YouCan't Believe In You (12"/CDS, 1994)

Stiff Little Fingers ‎– HarpHarp (12"/CDS, 1994)

Stiff Little Fingers ‎– TinderboxTinderbox (LP/CD, 1997)

Stiff Little Fingers - Hope Street / And Best Of AllHope Street (2xCD, 1999)

Stiff Little Fingers ‎– Guitar And DrumGuitar And Drum (CD, 2003)

Stiff Little Fingers ‎– No Going BackNo Going Back (LP/CD/2xCD, 2014)

Extraneous Releases

Stiff Little Fingers ‎– No Sleep 'Til Belfast CDNo Sleep Til Belfast (CD, 1988)

Stiff Little Fingers ‎– Live And Loud!!Live And Loud!! (2xLP/CD, 1988)

Stiff Little Fingers ‎– No Sleep 'Til Belfast 12"No Sleep Til Belfast (12", 1988)

Stiff Little Fingers - The Last Time 12"The Last Time (12", 1989)

Stiff Little Fingers - The Wild Rover E.P.St. Patrix: The Wild Rover E.P. (7"/12"/CDS, 1989)

Stiff Little Fingers ‎– See You Up There!See You Up There! (2xLP/CD, 1989)

Stiff Little Fingers - Alternative ChartbustersAlternative Chartbusters (CD, 1991)

Stiff Little Fingers ‎– Greatest Hits LiveGreatest Hits Live (CD, 1991)

Stiff Little Fingers ‎– Fly The FlagsFly The Flags (CD, 1992)

Stiff Little Fingers - Pure Fingers Live: St. Patrix 1993Pure Fingers Live: St. Patrix 1993 (CD, 1995)

Stiff Little Fingers - B's, Live, Unplugged & DemosB's, Live, Unplugged & Demos (CD, 1995)

Stiff Little Fingers ‎– Get A Life 7" Get A Life (7", 1996)

Stiff Little Fingers - Live At Newcastle RiversideLive At Newcastle Riverside (CD, 1998)

Stiff Little Fingers - LiveLive (CD, 1998)

Stiff Little Fingers ‎– Stand Up And ShoutStand Up And Shout (CD, 1998)

Stiff Little Fingers ‎– Handheld & Rigidly DigitalHandheld & Rigidly Digital (CD+VHS Video, 1999)

Stiff Little Fingers - Tin Soldiers Tin Soldiers (CD, 1999)

Stiff Little Fingers ‎– Live InspirationLive Inspiration (2xCD, 2000)

Stiff Little Fingers ‎– Wasted Life - LiveWasted Life - Live (2xCD/2xCD+DVD, 2004)

Stiff Little Fingers ‎– Fifteen And CountingFifteen And Counting (CD, 2006)

Stiff Little Fingers ‎– Live And Loud!!/Fly The Flags Live And Loud!!/Fly The Flags (CD, twofer, 2008)

Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five / Stiff Little Fingers ‎– The MessageThe Message (7", split with Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five, 2015)

Stiff Little Fingers - Still Kicking CD+DVDStill Kicking (CD+DVD, 2015)


Stiff Little Fingers ‎– Liars ClubLiars Club (CDR, 2014)


Stiff Little Fingers ‎– Burning In São Paulo - Live At Hangar 110Burning In São Paulo - Live At Hangar 110 (CDR, 2000)

Stiff Little Fingers - Live In Sao PauloLive In Sao Paolo (Hangar 110) (CD, 2000)

Stiff Little Fingers ‎– Radio UnpluggedRadio Unplugged In Brasil (CDS)

Stiff Little Fingers - Glasgow Barrowlands 20-12-87Glasgow Barrowlands 20-12-87 (Tape)





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