Formed: London, England, UK

Abysmally obscure new wave/punk band which morphed into the equally obscure Sneeky Feelin's (issuing a lone single, 'To You', in 1979).

Sounder was immortalised in a poem in 2005 by Kevin John Patrick Raymond, about Richard Madeley and Judy Finnigan, 'The Richard and Judy Show'. The relevant verse is:

Judy says, ‘You know Ozzie Orzell
Is he the singer they say he is?"
Says I, 'Until you been to a Sounder gig
You really haven’t lived!"

Donnie Burke (guitar) and Dell Vickers (bass) later played with The Gas, while vocalist Ozzie Orzell was also a member of The Remipeds.



Singles & Albums

Sounder - Get Down On Your KneesGet Down On Your Knees (7",1977)



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