Spizzoil - Cold City: 4

Spizzoil - Cold City: 4

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UK 7" 1979 (Rough Trade - RTSO-2)

1 Cold City 2:05
2 Red And Black 1:49
3 Solarisation (Shun) 1:48
4 Platform 3 1:50

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Spizz - voice, harmonies, kazoo and percussion
Pete Petroleum - all guitars, harmonies, percussion

Produced by Spizzoil - Woods
Recorded at Berry Street Studios
Engineer: Dave Hunt

Reviews & Opinions

PUNKY GIBBON: I really like this EP but not as much as 6000 Crazy. The almost poppy 'Red And Black' and 'Platform 3' are fine, but the title track (with its sparse percussion and not very catchy chorus) and 'Solarisation (Shun)' (which is built around an annoying guitar riff and a weak lyrical concept) demonstrate that the two-man band lineup is a bit of a dead end. Luckily, Spizz's next move was becoming a full band re-naming itself Spizzenergi.

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Spizzoil - Cold City: 4 - UK 7" 1979  (Rough Trade - RTSO-2)Spizzoil - Cold City: 4 - UK 7" 1979  (Rough Trade - RTSO-2)

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