The Spizzles - Spikey Dream Flowers

The Spizzles - Spikey Dream Flowers

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UK LP 1981 (A&M - AMLE 68523)
US LP 1981 (A&M - SP-4861)

1 Brainwashing Time 4:37
2 Five Year Mission 2:17
3 Dangers Of Living 3:32
4 Robot Holiday 2:27
5 Soldier, Soldier 3:47
6 Downtown 3:00
7 Risk 3:34
8 Central Park 4:22
9 Melancholy 2:40
10 Scared 4:00

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Spizz - voice
Jim Solar - bass guitar, synthesizer
C.P. Snare - drums
Lü - guitar, piano

Recorded and mixed at Matrix Studios, London, 2-18 January 1981
Produced by Dave Woods and The Spizzles
Engineered by Wally Brill
Assistant engineers - Ken, Tim, Corinne, Simon
Driving and equipment - Jos

Reviews & Opinions

MIKE STAND, SMASH HITS, MARCH 19 - APRIL 1, 1981: The Spizzles - a pop group? 'Fraid not. Spizz used to be crude and garage band-like but then overnight he became too darn sophisticated (both albums). This has got some grating bad habits - Jim Solar's disco bass and Spizz's monotonous yelling - but the lyrics are wittily tight and the whole band finds a new place in time and space with the black, bleak 'Risk' and 'Scared'. Value diminished by including four tracks already out as singles, including a disappointing remake of 'Soldier Soldier', but The Spizzles continue to teeter on the brink of their own potential. (6 out of 10).

GRAHAM FLASHNER, THE NEW MUSIC RECORD & TAPE GUIDE, 1987: 'Spikey Dream Flowers' offers robots, deadly war games and incessant runaway guitar (by recent arrival Lu Edmonds) with no place to go.

CHRIS BOHN, March 1981: Spizz loses his fizz [click here for full review]

Additional Notes

Reissued on CD as part of Do A Runner.


The Spizzles - Spikey Dream Flowers - UK LP 1981 (A&M - AMLE 68523)The Spizzles - Spikey Dream Flowers - UK LP 1981 (A&M - AMLE 68523)

UK LP 1981 (A&M - AMLE 68523). Click here for more

The Spizzles - Spikey Dream Flowers - US LP 1981 (A&M - SP-4861)The Spizzles - Spikey Dream Flowers - US LP 1981 (A&M - SP-4861)

US LP 1981 (A&M - SP-4861). Click here for more


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