Splodgenessabounds - Live And Loud!!

Splodgenessabounds - Live And Loud!!

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UK LP 1988 (Link - LINK LP 042)

1 Intro 1:09
2 'Old Ya Cherries 2:20
3 Crabs 2:14
4 I Fell In Love With A Female Plumber From Harlesden NW10 2:53
5 Tough Shit Wilson 5:04
6 Two Little Boys 3:27
7 Pathetique 2:49
8 Bohemian Walkway 1:45
9 Morning Milky 2:58
10 Michael Booth's Talking Bum 3:24
11 The Butterfly Song 2:44
12 What's That Funny Noise 2:31
13 Two Pints Of Lager 4:36
14 Big Boy Shorts 2:24
15 Shang A Lang 2:54

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Max (Last Of The Teenage Idols) Splodge - vocals
Ronnie (Don't Exaggerate It's Only 18"!) Rocka - guitars
Keefie (How Many Boilers Can You Keep On The Go) Boyce - drums
Tone (Do You Remember That Day In '81 When I Nearly Smiled) The Garden Gnome Digginess - bass

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I have no idea when this was recorded, but accoridng to Jens Jensen who contacted me, he thinks "it wasn't ever recorded live. Think they have used somwe mind of fake live vibes gadget". 'Bohemian Walkway' is listed as 'Bohemian Rhapsody' on the back cover. Reissued as a split (with Peter & The Test Tube Babies) twofer: Live And Loud!!


Splodgenessabounds - Live And Loud!! - UK LP 1988 (Link - LINK LP 042)Splodgenessabounds - Live And Loud!! - UK LP 1988 (Link - LINK LP 042)

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