Stinky Toys

Formed: Rennes, France

Stinky Toys

This notoriously rubbish French "punk" band was the sole non-UK act to play at the 100 Club Punk Festival, September 1976. Elli Medeiros - their very photogenic but utterly untalented singer - famously stormed offstage as a result of the crowd's indifference to their dreary Stones-y boogie. Nonetheless, Polydor signed them up in 1977 for an international deal and they made two LPs and one single. Drummer Hervé Zénouda was ex-Angel Face and Loose Heart.

Stinky Topys at the 100 Club Punk Festival

Following the failure of their first single, Boozy Creed, Polydor relegated them to a national (i.e. French) deal, and two albums - each with the same name - crept out to universal silence. Their final gig, in 1979, was apparently wrecked by Hell's Angels, who caused the death of a fan.

Elli and guitarist Jacno (RN Denis Quilliard) soldiered on as a duo (Elli et Jacno), and both later went solo. Medeiros did alright for herself, marrying Brian de Palma.

Stinky Toys Flyer

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Elli Medeiros - vocals
Jacno (aka Jan Colrth aka Denis Quilliard) - rhythm guitar
Bruno Carone - lead guitar
Albin Dériat - bass
Hervé Zénouda - drums



Singles & Albums

Stinky Toys - Boozy Creed Boozy Creed (7", 1977)

Stinky Toys - Stinky Toys 1977Stinky Toys (LP, 1977)

Stinky Toys - Stinky Toys 1979Stinky Toys (LP, 1979)

Extraneous Releases

Stinky Toys - Plastic Faces Plastic Faces (CD, 1990)

Various Artists

A Revista Pop Apresenta O Punk Rock Brazil LP 1977 (Philips): Boozy Creed

Frenchy But Chic France CD 1994 (Virgin France S.A.): Birthday Party

Le Rock D'Ici Á L'Olympia France LP 1978 (Pathé Marconi/EMI): Plastic Faces

La Nuit Punk De L'Olympia France CD 1999 (Jurassic Punk / Anthology's 990404 / 3048952): Plastic Faces

Nos Années Punk 1977 - 1980 France CD 2002 (Capitol/EMI Music France): Boozy Creed / Plastic Faces



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