Stranglehold - Leisure Tour '84

Stranglehold - Leisure Tour '84

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US 7" 1984 (Taang!/One-Step TAANG #3/ONE-STEP #2)

1 She's Not Leaving
2 Same All Over (Long Version)

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Stranglehold is:
Jimmy Keough - vocals
Richard McKenzie - guitar and Vocals
Chris Doherty - guitar and Vocals
Jonathan Roberts - bass and Vocals
Mark D'Antona - drums and Vocals

Lead vocals on 'She's Not Leaving' by Richard McKenzie
Backing vocals on 'Same All Over': Marty Davis & Curtis & his Taang choir

Produced by Curtis and Stranglehold
Drum tracks by John Murdoch
Engineered by Howie and Gordon at Euphoria Sound, Revere, Ma.

Reviews & Opinions

STEVE ALPER, INK DISEASE #8, 1984: All I can say is when is another record comming [sic] out? Just two songs of slow to medium tempo punk of this classic caliber will not fill the void left by the Weirdos, Chiefs [SIC], Controllers and the Avengers. Stranglehold's sound rates right up there with those bands, while maintaining a contemporary edge to their music. This single leaves my mouth watering for more. My mother is already giving the single out as xmas gifts. So if you don't get one from my mom cash in your McDonalds gift certificates and buy one for yourself.

STEVE SPINALI, MAXIMUM ROCKNROLLĀ #17, SEPTEMBER 1984: More melodic punk from Boston's STRANGLEHOLD, yet with considerably more production bite than on their fine debut 12". "Same All Over" features the band's trademark guitar riffing to bolster a rowdy, engaging pop-punk composition, while the flipside recalls mid-period STIFF LITTLE FINGERS with its gravelly vocals and varied instrumental flavorings. My advice--get it!

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Stranglehold - Leisure Tour '84 - US 7" 1984 (Taang!/One-Step TAANG #3/ONE-STEP #2)Stranglehold - Leisure Tour '84 - US 7" 1984 (Taang!/One-Step TAANG #3/ONE-STEP #2)

Red vinyl. Click here for more (Images from this excellent site here)

Stranglehold - Leisure Tour '84 - US 7" 1984 (Taang!/One-Step TAANG #3/ONE-STEP #2)Stranglehold - Leisure Tour '84 - US 7" 1984 (Taang!/One-Step TAANG #3/ONE-STEP #2)

Black vinyl. Click here for more


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