The Stranglers - Don't Bring Harry

The Stranglers - Don't Bring Harry

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Release Information

UK 7" 1979 (United Artists - STR 1)

1 The Stranglers - Don't Bring Harry 4:09
2 Hugh Cornwell & Robert Williams - Wired 3:05
3 J.J. Burnel - Crabs (Live) 3:42
4 The Stranglers - In The Shadows (Live - Hope & Anchor '77) 4:55

Chart Placings

UK Chart Hit: 41, 3 wks


'Don't Bring Harry' Taken From The Album The Raven UAG 30362 cassette TCK 30262
'Wired' Taken From The Album - H. Cornwell & R. Williams' Nosferatu UAG 30251 cassette TCK 30251
'Crabs' Studio version available on the Album - J.J. Burnel's Euroman Cometh UAG 30214 cassette TCK 30214

'Don't Bring Harry': Produced by The Stranglers and Alan Winstanley
'Wired': Produced by Hugh Cornwell, Robert Williams

Additional Credits

'Don't Bring Harry':
Jean Jacques Burnel - bass, lead vocals
Hugh Cornwell - guitar
Dave Greenfield - keyboards
Jet Black - drums
Engineered by Alan Winstanley at Pathe Studios, Paris, June 1979.
Mixed at Air London Studios by Alan Winstanley and Steve Churchyard

'In The Shadows':
Jean Jacques Burnel - bass
Hugh Cornwell - guitar, lead vocals
Dave Greenfield - keyboards
Jet Black - drums

Reviews & Opinions

PUNKY GIBBON: Being released in late November and coming in a sleeve adorned with a turkey, it looked like The Stranglers might have been going for the lucrative Christmas market with this one, except that 'Don't Bring Harry' was a mournful acoustic ballad about heroin addiction that wouldn't have anybody rocking around the Christmas tree. Hanging from it, maybe, but not rocking around it. A great song, but despite the lovely melody and haunting arrangement an odd choice for a single. The rest of the EP comprises two solo outings clearly designed to promote two albums that not many people bought (despite 'Wired and 'Crabs' being the most commercial sounding of tracks from each record) and a live recording from 1977. The full set from which 'In the Shadows' was taken was issued as Live At The Hope And Anchor.

DAVID HEPWORTH, SMASH HITS, DECEMBER 1979: Slow, dreamy tune that has the advantage of not sounding remotely like The Stranglers.

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The Stranglers - Don't Bring Harry - UK 7" 1979 (United Artists - STR 1)The Stranglers - Don't Bring Harry - UK 7" 1979 (United Artists - STR 1)

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