Subs - Gimme Your Heart

Subs - Gimme Your Heart

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UK 7" 1978 (Stiff - OFF 1)

1 Gimme Your Heart
2 Party Clothes

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Produced by Larry Wallis
Engineered by Bazza

Reviews & Opinions

Punk 77: Having refused The Exiles offer of a single on their own Boring Records The Subs opted for this one off deal with Stiff Records. Unusually for a one off deal its on yellow vinyl and my copy is a Belgian issue. Sadly the band folded soon after its release which is a shame because the record is a corker - driving melodic punk with catchy chorus.

RIPPED AND TORN: Here we go. We were just talking about Scotland, and this is another crowd (that used to be called the Sub-Humans for a while) from the place. This reeks of inferiority, a bit like a football team thats accepted the fact they'll never get out of the fourth division and just settles down to playing entertaining stuff. Nice enough for all that, even if the singer has a bad case of sounding like the Saints.

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Subs - Gimme Your Heart - UK 7" 1978 (Stiff - OFF 1)Subs - Gimme Your Heart - UK 7" 1978 (Stiff - OFF 1)

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