Vic Godard & The Subway Sect - Songs For Sale

Vic Godard & The Subway Sect - Songs For Sale

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UK LP 1982 (London - SH 8549)

1 Hey Now (I'm In Love) 2:50
2 Crazy Crazy 2:55
3 Mr. Bennett 1:40
4 What's Your Name? 2:23
5 Noola's Saloon 1:50
6 Be Your Age 2:26
7 Moving Bed 1:51
8 Swing Gently 2:55
9 Stamp Of A Vamp 2:26
10 Love For Sale 2:49
11 Dilletante 3:30
12 Just In Time 2:43
13 No Style 4:43

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The Subway Sect are -
Dave Collard - keyboards
Rob Marche - guitar
Sean McLusky - drums
Chris Bostock - bass guitar

Produced by Alex Sadkin for Oddball Music

Reviews & Opinions

IRA ROBBINS, TROUSER PRESS: The Subway Sect (who transmuted the following year into JoBoxers) may share titular credit with Vic on Songs for Sale — a collection of homages to (and one cover of) his idol, Cole Porter — but Godard is entirely in charge. Abandoning rock'n'roll completely, Songs for Sale is a wonderful record of concise pop creations delivered in a cool, suave voice. Proving himself a masterful tunesmith and crooner, Godard manages to update 1930s/'40s Tin Pan Alley without resorting to mimicry or selfconsciousness. As produced by Alex Sadkin, the memorable, sturdy tunes sound of the period without being corny. Sure it's a pose, but Godard is evidently sincere in his nostalgic affection, and he makes the music his own with real panache.

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Vic Godard & The Subway Sect - Songs For Sale - UK LP 1982 (London - SH 8549)Vic Godard & The Subway Sect - Songs For Sale - UK LP 1982 (London - SH 8549)

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