Symbol Six, Los Angeles, Califiornia, USA

Formed: Santa Monica, California, USA

Symbol Six, Los Angeles, Califiornia, USA

Excellent L.A. band which played tight, fairly fast, tuneful punk a la Agent Orange, albeit without the surf inflections. Their first major gig was at the Bard’s Theater in South Central L.A in August 1981, where they played alongside The Detours, Youth Brigade, and the Blades. Unfortunately, they split soon after their 1982 Posh Boy EP was released.

The lineup was:

Lead vocals: Ric Leach
Bass Guitar: Donny Brook (aka Jeff Lake; also in The Necros)
Drums: Phil George
Lead Guitar: Tazz Rudd (replaced at some point by Steve Cooper)
Rhythm Guitar: Marcus Conway

After the split Leach and Rudd formed Stahlin (with Izzy Stradlin of Guns N' Roses), and when that group folded the pair formed Shanghai. Rudd them formed the band the Wrecklords and played in Atoms, Der Stab, Funeral, Flower Leperds, Voodoo Church, Decry and others.


The band reformed in 2010 with all the original members. They met at That British Place Rehearsal Studios in Santa Monica and started writing and playing new material. Working with engineer Jimmy Sloan they released their self produced debut LP, Monsters 11 on Symbol Six Music. Donny Brooks was soon replaced by Evan Shanks on bass and Mark Conway was replaced by Tony Fate and then by Grey Spikes in 2011. Symbol Six joined The Crowd for Rhino Entertainment - Warner Music Group Posh Boy Night at Rhino Records pop-up store in Los Angeles, California in June 2011 to help raise money for the charitable organization MusiCares.



Subsequent studio albums: Monster 11 (2010), Dirtyland (2014).

Singles & Albums

Symbol Six - Symbol SixSymbol Six (12", 1982)

Extraneous Releases

Symbol Six - Symbol SixLiving In Darkness (CD, by Agent Orange, also contains songs by Symbol 6, 1988)

Symbol Six - EgoEgo (7", 1991)

Symbol Six - Symbol Six LPSymbol Six (LP, 2012)

Various Artists

The Future Looks Brighter US LP 1987 (Posh Boy): Box Of Bones / Beverlywood

The Posh Boy Story (More Or Less) UK CD 1993 (Damaged Goods): Ego





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