Formed: Welwyn Garden City, Herfordshire, England, UK

Utterly obscure punk band whose only release was as part of the Restricted Hours / The Syndicate split single for the Stevenage branch of Rock Against Racism. The Restricted Hours side gets all the attention because it's The Astronauts in disguise. Little is known about The Syndicate, but I can tell you that they played on the RAR 'Dance and Defend’ Northern tour in September/October 1979. I can also tell you that The Syndicate were complete incompetents whose attempts to write pop songs made them sound like early Buzzcocks, only not as good (obviously). It's about time some label compiled their two songs, because they're good.


Cliff - guitar, backing vocals
Dave - drums
John - bass
Rob - vocals



Singles & Albums

The Astronauts - 'Pranksters In Revolt' EPRestricted Hours / The Syndicate (7", split, 1979)

Various Artists

Bloodstains Across The U.K. 4 UK LP 1999 (Bloodstains): I Want To Be Somebody





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