Formed: Rainham, London, England, UK

Dean Stevenson - vocals
Max O'Connell - guitar
Steve Hart - bass
Steve Chaplin - drums

Trashy punks of the UK82 type, worth checking out for fans of Disorder.

"T.D.A." is British criminal and youth slang from the '80s ("What were you done for"" "I got a month for touching the dogs arse").

Life In A Plastic Bag:

First the glue at the age of ten,
You thought it was good you wanna do it again,
But after a time it fucks you up
And the doctor says you gotta stop
So you promised your mother and your friends
You wouldn't go back to the glue again,
But times got hard and things got bad,
And all you ever wanted was a plastic bag

Life in a plastic bag
Its the worst you ever had
Life has fuck all left for you
So you turn back to your glue




T.D.A. - Demo 1982Demo (Tape, 1982)


T-D-A - Life In A Plastic BagLife In A Plastic Bag (7", 2014)


Various Artists

Riotous Assembly UK LP 1982 (Riot City): T.D.A.

United Skins UK LP 1982 (Boots & Braces): Life In A Plastic Bag / T.D.A.

100% Hardcore Punk UK 2xCD 1998 (Captain Oi!): T.D.A.

Burning Britain - A Story Of Independent UK Punk 1980-1983 UK 4xCD 2018 (Cherry Red) T.D.A.





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