U.K. Subs - Countdown

U.K. Subs - Countdown

Original Release Date


Release Information

UK 7" 1981 (NEMS - NES 304)

1 Countdown 4:50
2 Plan Of Action 2:39

Chart Placings

UK Indie Hit: 8, 6 wks


Charlie Harper - vocals
Alvin Gibbs - bass guitar
Nicky Garratt - guitar
Steve Roberts - drums

Produced by Nicky Garratt
Engineers: Martin & Ken
Recorded at Jacobs Studios Sept 1981

Reviews & Opinions

RECORD MIRROR, DECEMBER 1981: Horrendous dirge detailing of some cataclysmic fate: exactly what, I'm not sure. Nuclear war? riots in the street? A Mandrax shortage? Search me, but any of them would be preferable to having to listen to this gruesome blathering.

Additional Notes

A-Side from Endangered Species. Some copies came with a free badge (and a sticker on the front stating as such) - does anyone have images of this?


U.K. Subs - Countdown - UK 7" 1981 (NEMS - NES 304)U.K. Subs - Countdown - UK 7" 1981 (NEMS - NES 304)

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