U.K. Subs - Flood Of Lies

U.K. Subs - Flood Of Lies

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Release Information

UK LP 1983 (Scarlet / Fall Out Records - SIG 3 / FALL LP 018)
UK CD 2001 (Captain Oi! - AHOY CD 166)

1 Flood Of Lies 4:24
2 Veronique 2:18
3 Soldiers Of Fortune 3:20
4 DB's 1:41
5 Tampa Bay 2:24
6 After The War 3:47
7 Violent Revolution 3:01
8 In The Red 2:54
9 Dress Code 3:05
10 Revenge Of The Jelly Devils 2:08
11 In The Wild 3:33
12 Seas Of Mars 5:27
CD Bonus Tracks
13 Another Typical (7" Version) 3:52
14 Still Life 2:14
15 The Spell 3:52
16 Private Army 3:45
17 Multiple Minds 3:55
18 Primary Strength 3:28
19 Another Typical City (12" Version) 7:06

Chart Placings

UK Indie Hit: 15, 3 wks


Steve J. Jones - drums
Steve Slack - bass
Capt. Scarlet - guitar
Charlie Harper - vocals

Produced by Captain Scarlet, Charlie Harper and Seamus O'Hooligan


AHOY CD 166:

Mastered by Tim Turan

Additional Credits

CD Bonus Tracks:
13-14: Another Typical City Involved In Another Typical Daydream 7", released August 1983
15-18: Magic 12", released 1984
19: A-Side of Another Typical City Involved In Another Typical Daydream 12", released August 1983

Reviews & Opinions

PUNKY GIBBON: Their first LP without Nicky Garratt - in fact, only Harper remains from the previous lineup (although Jones and Slack had played in the Subs in 1977) - Flood Of Lies removes the group even further away from the world of easy listening, as the gory (withdrawn) cover art suggests. Harper’s singing is worse than ever but as the music occasionally shifts towards hardcore it doesn't really matter. In amongst speedy rockers like 'Violent Revolution' and 'In The Red' there’s room for a spot of light-heartedness ('Revenge Of The Jelly Devil'’), a semi-acoustic anti-war diatribe ('After The War'), some Spanish guitar book-ending the mile-a-minute 'Soldiers Of Fortune', and a five minute exercise in all things Gothic ('Sea Of Mars'). Excellent stuff, despite the black vinyl.

JOHN OPPOSITION, SOUNDS, NOVEMBER 1983: This album is a lot better than most contemporary 'punk' LPs. The production is competent, there's a fair attempt at introducing new musical ideas within the tried and trusted format and there some nice runic Viking hieroglyphics on the sleeve. All to be expected - if the Subs are anything, they're hard-working and competent. 'Flood Of Lies' and 'After The War' are above average songs while 'Seas' closes side two with a guitar and vocal sound IDENTICAL to that used by early Seventies psychedelic German band Amon Duul II. But now I'm struggling for things to say. This isn't a bad (bad) album but it lacks inspiration. Who'll provide a spark? Maybe new guitarist Captain Scarlet. Certainly, change is needed; the roots may be secure, but the landscape is too flat. Full marks for playing Poland though.

TIM YOHANNAN, MAXIMUM ROCKNROLL #9, OCTOBER/NOVEMBER 1983: There's a little bit of everything here. First, there's a little punk, some acoustic "pretty" music interspersed throughout, and some moodier post-punk stuff too. Some of it reminds me of pre-punk rock groups like the STRAWBS. In any case, the punk material here is mostly mid- to slow- tempo, rhythm oriented, and not very fiery.

Additional Notes

Reissued on vinyl in 1987 with a completely different sleeve (FALL LP018) and as a yellow-vinyl double in 2015 by Let Them Eat Vinyl (LETV196LP) with the second disc consisting of the same bonus tracks that were on the Captain Oi! CD.


U.K. Subs - Flood Of Lies - UK LP 1983 (Scarlet / Fall Out - SIG 3 / FALL LP 018) U.K. Subs - Flood Of Lies - UK LP 1983 (Scarlet / Fall Out - SIG 3 / FALL LP 018)

UK LP 1983 (Scarlet / Fall Out Records - SIG 3 / FALL LP 018). Click here for more

U.K. Subs - Flood Of Lies - UK CD 2001 (Captain Oi!	- AHOY CD 166)U.K. Subs - Flood Of Lies - UK CD 2001 (Captain Oi!	- AHOY CD 166)

UK CD 2001 (Captain Oi! - AHOY CD 166). Click here for more


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