U.K. Subs - Teenage

U.K. Subs - Teenage

Original Release Date


Release Information

UK 7" 1980 (Gem - GEMS 30)

1 Teenage 2:38
2 Left For Dead 1:28
3 New York State Police 2:45

Chart Placings

UK Chart Hit: 32, 5 wks


Produced by Nicky Garratt
Engineered by Laurie Dipple
Recorded at Underhill Studios
'Teenage': Re-mix from the LP Brand New Age, GEMLP 106

Additional Credits

Charlie Harper - vocals
Nicky Garratt - guitar
Paul Slack - bass
Pete Davies - drums

Reviews & Opinions

PUNKY GIBBON: Three more cracking tunes, all anthemic, all essential. The A-side is remixed from the LP and has a completely different ending, choosing to fade out rather than, sort of, peter out on purpose like the LP version does.

Additional Notes

Clear pink or (the much, much more rare) black vinyl.


U.K. Subs - Teenage - UK 7" 1980 (Gem - GEMS 30)U.K. Subs - Teenage - UK 7" 1980 (Gem - GEMS 30)

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