Urban Dogs - Limo Life

Urban Dogs - Limo Life

Original Release Date


Release Information

UK 7" 1983 (Fall Out - FALL 011)

1 Limo Life
2 Warhead

Chart Placings

UK Indie Hit: 16, 6 wks


Nick Cook: Producer
Silo Studio
Out now: LP "Urban Dogs"

Additional Credits

Charlie Harper - vocals
Alvin Gibbs - bass
Knox - guitar
Turkey - drums

Reviews & Opinions

JEFF BALE, MAXIMUM ROCKNROLL #5, MARCH/APRIL 1983: The second URBAN DOGS 45 is alot like the first--boring rock 'n' roll with a punky tinge. Knox's guitar tone on the A-side almost saves the day, but he and Chas Harper are certainly capable of better things. Why rehash old riffs and songs?

Additional Notes

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Urban Dogs - Limo Life - UK 7" 1983 (Fall Out - FALL 011) Urban Dogs - Limo Life - UK 7" 1983 (Fall Out - FALL 011)

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