Vice Squad - Resurrection EP

Vice Squad - Resurrection EP

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UK 7" 1981 (Riot City - RIOT 2)

1 Resurrection 4:04
2 Young Blood 2:37
3 Humane 2:02

Chart Placings

UK Indie Hit: 4, 30 wks


Recorded at Cave Studio, St. Paul's, Bristol on 29th March, 1981
Engineered by Andy Allen
Produced by Vice Squad

Beki - vocals
Dave - guitar
Mark - bass
Shane - drums

Backing vocals by: Bambi, Bruce, Dave, Ferrett, Igor, Mandy, Shane and Skylark

Additional Credits

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Additional Notes

'Young Blood' was later re-recorded for debut LP, No Cause For Concern; and 'Humane' was then re-done for Stand Strong Stand Proud.


Vice Squad - Resurrection EP - UK 7" 1981 (Riot City - RIOT 2)Vice Squad - Resurrection EP - UK 7" 1981 (Riot City - RIOT 2)

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