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UK 12" 1983 (No Future - 12 Oi 26)

1 Die With Dignity 3:13
2 Government Stinks 2:19
3 Pointless Slaughter 2:06
4 Gangland 5:47
5 The Fugitive 4:34
6 Summer Of '81 3:23

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Cess...Helen - voice
Coley - guitar
Matchi - bass
Ajax - skins

Produced by Tim Harris
Recorded & mixed at Hologram Studios

Reviews & Opinions

PUNKY GIBBON: Quickie cash-in compilation, nicely packaged. A bit of a rip off, but a good punky romp anyway.

STEVE SPINALI, MAXIMUM ROCKNROLL, JANUARY/FEBRUARY 1984: This 6-track EP contains material primarily from past singles and compilations, but it nonetheless represents some of the highlights from this skunk outfit's intruiging career. "Die With Dignity" and the classic "Gangland" epitomize the VIOLATORS' highly dramatic, accesible style--so if you don't have the original releases, you should find favor with this inventive release.

Additional Notes

Black or green vinyl.


Violators - Violators - UK 12" 1983 (No Future - 12 Oi 26)Violators - Violators - UK 12" 1983 (No Future - 12 Oi 26)

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