Various - Alternative South West

Various - Alternative South West

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UK Tape 1983 (Never Surrender - cat no not known)

1 War Toys - In Perspective
2 Hysteria - Silent Hate
3 Self Abuse - Teenager
4 Admass - War
5 Sanction - Unknown Soldier
6 Striknene - Reality
7 Shock To The System - Army Song [see Atrox]
8 Rat Patrol - Hello America
9 Bo Speak - The Actor
10 Cult Maniax - Young Anarchist
11 The Krux - Shoot to Kill
12 Glee Club - Serious Fishing
13 Dead Rose - War Of The Worlds
14 Contorted Vengeance - People On The Streets
15 Intensified Chaos - No Rights
16 The Legion - Dead or Alive
17 De Control - Army Life
18 Screaming Disorder - Victims
19 Possessed - Blood Brother

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TERMINAL ESCAPE: ...a solid hour of punk from England's SouthWest. Bands that I've featured before on The Escape like WAR TOYS, SELF ABUSE, and a brilliant dark track from ADMASS, along with loads of ragers from lesser known bands like DEAD ROSE, SCREAMING DISORDER (listen to the track, how appropriately named they are), HYSTERIA, CONTORTED VENGEANCE and loads more. A few of the tracks are live and a few are just simply rough, but even live, CULT MANIAX are fucking stellar. Never Surrender fanzine from Devon compiled this cassette in 1983, and I present it to you in honor of Kate's birthday (though I'm not sure how much Kate actually like blasting THE POSSESSED while writing her book, I wish her a happy birthday nonetheless).

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