Various - Be Stiff Tour

Various - Be Stiff Tour

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UK 12" 1979 (Stiff - ODD 2)

1 Lene Lovich & The Musicians Union - Be Stiff
2 Mickey Jupp & The Cable Layers - Be Stiff
3 Wreckless Eric & The Four Rough Men - Be Stiff
4 Rachel Sweet And The Records - Be Stiff
5 Jona Lewie & Two's Company - Be Stiff
6 The Entire Ensemble - Recorded Live At Leeds University - Be Stiff (Chorus)

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Promo in plain white sleeve, although some date stamped and artistically augmented. The "The Entire Ensemble" is Jupp, Eric, Lovich, Lewie and Sweet. From the label: "Many of these versions may bear no resemblance to the original Devo title. We hold no responsibility for any uptight people".


Various - Be Stiff Tour - UK 12" 1979 (Stiff - ODD 2)Various - Be Stiff Tour - UK 12" 1979 (Stiff - ODD 2)

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