Various - The Big Apple - Rotten To The Core

Various - The Big Apple - Rotten To The Core

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US LP 1982 (S.I.N. - ORIGINAL SIN #2)

1 Ism - John Hinckley Jr. (What Has Jodie Foster Done To You?) 1:49
2 Squirm - Fuck You Brooke Shields 1:26
3 Butch Lust And The Hypocrites - Smashed Rats 2:20
4 The Mob - Common Criminal 1:18
5 Killer Instinct - Killer Instinct 2:28
6 The Headlickers - House Of Detention 1:30
7 Squirm - Dead Girls Don't Say No 1:05
8 Butch Lust And The Hypocrites - You're Nothing But Make Up 1:15
9 Ism - Proud To Be Guilty 3:57
10 Squirm - Love Someone 1:34
11 Ism - Moon The Moonies 2:07
12 The Headlickers - Hey Mom 2:53
13 The Mob - 101 1:13
14 Squirm - Shanghai A-Go-Go 1:16
15 Killer Instinct - Torture You First 1:41
16 Butch Lust And The Hypocrites - Nervousness And Anger 1:15
17 The Headlickers - 1,2,3,4 1:31
18 Ism - Nixon Now More Than Ever 0:38
19 Squirm - Go Die 0:57
20 Butch Lust And The Hypocrites - Degenerate World 3:53

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Album concept: Bob Sallese/Jism

Compiled and Edited at Tiki Studios, N.Y.
Engineer: Fred ("No Time To Think") Guarino
Mastered at Frankford/Wayne, N.Y.C.

Butch Lust And The Hypocrites
Lenny Steel - guitar
Sayge Mott - bass
Ace In The Hole - drums
Butch - vocals
Backing Vocals on "Smashed Rats": Eugene, Vin Cin, J.P.

The Headlickers
Mommar - throat
Steve - lead guitar
Robert Nova - guitar
Dick Brain - bass
Jock - drums
Engineer: Fred Guarino

Jism - mouth, B&W's
– Jon Styles - guitar, vocals
Greg Psomas - drums
Stuart Lowden - bass, vocals
Special thanks to Cozmo on Bass

Killer Instinct
Bobby Skull - drums
Kitty Hawk - bass
Jet Suicide - guitar
Carolyn "Eugene" Lengal - vocals
Recorded ay Rock Bite Studios NYC
Produced by Killer Instinct
Special thanks to Danny for engineering

The Mob
Ralph Gabbie - vocals
Jack Flanagan - guitar, vocals
Jose Gonzales - bass
Jamie Shanahan - drums
Produced and mixed by Jay Dublee
Assisted by Ras Louie
Recorded at Hi-Five Studios NYC

Neil - drums
Lee - vocals
David - guitars, vocals
Igor - bass, vocals
Produced by Squirm
Recorded at Dip Studios, New York
Engineered by Doug

Reviews & Opinions

JEFF BALE, MAXIMUM ROCKNROLL #3, NOVEMBER 1982: A new sampler of mostly unknown New York groups. It features stuttering thrash by the MOB and SQUIRM, but most of of the music and themes are rooted firmly in the garage punk tradition. The best garage group is ISM, who should get kudos for both their political lyrics and the best song title of the year-- " Moon the Moonies. " The HEADLICKERS, BUTCH LUST & THE HYPOCRITES, and KILLER INSTINCT have more of a rock-HM origin, but the latter are real fast. This record is uneven but it does contain some gems.

Additional Notes

A follow-up compilation entirled The Big Apple - Rotten To The Core Vol 2: Sin City...5 Years Later came out, er, five years later, in 1987.


Various - The Big Apple - Rotten To The Core - US LP 1982 (S.I.N. - ORIGINAL SIN #2)Various - The Big Apple - Rotten To The Core - US LP 1982 (S.I.N. - ORIGINAL SIN #2)

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