Various - Drinking Is Great

Various - Drinking Is Great

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US 7" 1985 (Fatal Erection - F.E. #5)

1 Poison Idea - Laughing Boy
2 E-13 - Pankreatitis
3 Lockjaw - You Dick
4 Final Warning - I Quit

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All Songs Recorded April 23, 1985, Except * at Falcon Studios
Engineered by Rick McMillen
Mixed By The Everybody
Produced By The Bands, Immaculate Eastside Drunks and Tom Pig

Poison Idea:
Jerry A. - vocals
Tom Roberts - guitar
Tense - bass
Dean Johnson - drums

Kelp - skins
C. C. Plug - guitar
Grunthawk - bass
* HFX Studios, Eugene, Ore. Dec. 15, 1984

Tony Arcudi - vocals
Del Murry - guitar
Garret G. Garitano - guitar
Jeremy - drums
Eric Couch - bass

Final Warning:
Band is Dan Simon Tim Jeff

Reviews & Opinions

DOGTOWNE, MAXIMUM ROCKNROLL #28, SEPTEMBER 1985: Four of the Northwest's best thrash bands put together on a 7" with excellent, powerful production. POISON IDEA still one of the raspiest, gnarliest thrash bands careen through a track called "Laughing Boy." And both LOCKJAW and FINAL WARNING have crunching, muscular tracks while the song by E13 draws more from the ANGRY SAMOANS. Buv this record now.

Additional Notes

"This record is dedicated to the great boozers throughout know why they are!!!" Also came in a gold vinyl edition, in a slightly different b/w sleeve.


Various - Drinking Is Great - US 7" 1985 (Fatal Erection - FE #5)Various - Drinking Is Great - US 7" 1985 (Fatal Erection - FE #5)

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