Various - Expo Hurts Everyone

Various - Expo Hurts Everyone

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Canada 7" 1986 (Sudden Death - no cat no)

1 D.O.A. - Billy And The Socreds 2:36
2 Rhythm Activism - Tyrannosaurus Wrexpo 4:10
3 Stu Leal Band - The Old Mangled Man 4:14
4 Mecca Normal - Sha La La La La 3:52

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Executive Producer: "Chainsaw" courtesy Moxie Production

Inspired by Marcel Veronesi, Chris Halcrow, & CCR
Produced by D.O.A.
D.O.A. is:
Joey "Shithead" Keighley - guitar & vocals
Brian "Sunny Boy Roy" Goble - bass & vocals
Dave Gregg - guitar & vocals
Kerr Belliveau - drums & vocals

Recorded in Stu's Living Room
The band: Stu Leal - rhythm & vocals
Rocko Benito - guitar
Bill Spornitz - sax
Brian Goble - bass
Dedicated to the memory of Olaf Soldheim

Recorded at Sounds Fine To Me Studio
Mecca Normal is:
Jean Smith - vocals
Dave Lester - guitar

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TIM YOHANNAN, MAXIMUM ROCKNROLL #39, AUGUST 1986: A one-off "instant record," this EP is dedicated to exposing the scam of the Vancouver Expo and its effects on those who aren't just profiting off of it. MECCA NORMAL, RHYTHM ACTIVISM, and another band do folk or dirgy noise, while DOA does a CREEDENCE-like tune, "Billy and the Socreds." A timely release.

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Various - Expo Hurts Everyone - Canda 7" 1986 (Sudden Death - no cat no)Various - Expo Hurts Everyone - Canda 7" 1986 (Sudden Death - no cat no)


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