Various - Half Skull

Various - Half Skull

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US 7" 1984 (InsaneIndustries - II02)

1 Basic Math - Onward
2 Decry - Warlords
3 Love Canal - Greatest Sports Legends
4 M.I.A. - Turning Into What You Hate

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All songs produced by O
Recorded at the Casbah

A1: Basic Math are
Vocals: Dorian J., Michael S.
Bass: Mickey Math
Drums: Paul Drostle
#1 Guitar: Scott Bernat
#1 Guitar: Mike Kabok

A2: Decry: Farel Hultz, Todd Mauna Loa, Andy Atlantic, Pat Deliah

B1: Eric, guitar, Bobby, drums, Kerry, voice, Louis, bass

Reviews & Opinions

JEFF BALE, MAXIMUM ROCKNROLL #16: AUGUST 1984: A sampler with four So Cal bands, all of whom have that crisp, melodic semi-thrash style. M.I.A. and DECRY are particularly excellent musically, and M.I.A. definitely make the most acute lyrical observations, but there's nothing to be ashamed of on here.

Additional Notes

This record is not actually called 'Half Skull' but this is what everybody calls it.


Various - Half Skull - US 7" 1984 (InsaneIndustries - II02)

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