Various - It Came From Slimey Valley

Various - It Came From Slimey Valley

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US LP 1984 (Ghetto-Way Records - GTOLP 33001)

1 Dr. Know - Boy's Life
2 Crank Shaft - Army Of The Dead
3 Rigor Mortis - In The Trenches
4 Flower Leperds - Preacher's Confession
5 The G.R.I.M. - Old Towne Mall
6 Mox Nix - Vicious Cycle
7 America's Hardcore - Born Prejudice
8 Ill Repute - Strike Back
9 Flower Leperds - Death Of Two Lovers
10 False Confessions - Prophesy
11 Slaughterhouse 5 - 2nd Generation
12 Dr. Know - In That House
13 Reign Of Terror - Violent Children
14 Crank Shaft - There's Something In The Cellar
15 Circle One - Going Against The Grain
16 Undercity Kings - Undercity Kings

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All tracks recorded at: Mystic Studio, Hollywood
Engineered by: Mac Caldwell, Steve Brenner, Doug Moody, Phillip Raves
Mastered by Richard Simpson

Reviews & Opinions

JEFF BALE, MAXIMUM ROCKNROLL #16: AUGUST 1984: Yet another cleanly-produced compilation from Mystic/Ghetto Way and, like "COPulation", it contains a well-balanced mixture of thrash, punk, Metal, and their permutations like DR KNOW's "Boy's Life", CRANK SHAFT's cuts, and RIGOR MORTIS's metallish "In the Trenches", but overall it provides a good introduction to current developments in the Southland. Marc Rude's grotesque cover art provides an additional bonus.

Additional Notes

Reissued in CD in 2005 as part of a split CD by Scared Straight, entitled Scared Straight/Slimey Valley.


Various - It Came From Slimey Valley - US LP 1984 (Ghetto-Way Records - GTOLP 33001)Various - It Came From Slimey Valley - US LP 1984 (Ghetto-Way Records - GTOLP 33001)


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