Various - Live At Target

Various - Live At Target

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US LP 1980 (Subterranean - SUB 03)

1 Factrix - Subterfuge 4:35
2 Factrix - A Night To Forget 5:30
3 Nervous Gender - Miscarriage 1:46
4 Nervous Gender - Scandinavian Dilemma 3:00
5 Nervous Gender - Poet 2:37
6 Nervous Gender - Confession 2:47
7 uns - Part 1 5:06
8 uns - Part 2 2:35
9 Flipper - Falling 5:27
10 Flipper - Lowrider 3:18
11 Flipper - End The Game 2:30

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Audio production by Michael Fox, with assistance from Russell Morlock and the bands.
Conception, coordination, art direction, all otherwise uncredited artwork and general hassling by Steven Tupper.

Recorded live February 24, 1980

Nervous Gender:
Nervous Gender is composed of three aliens and americans, one of which was not born in the united states. in alphabetical order, photo A: Ochoa, Michael--- vocals, sinthesizer. B: Pfeiffer, Sven---- drums. C: Roessler, paul--- sinthesizer and metal surface. D: Stapleton, Edward---- vocals, synth- E: Velázquez, Gerardo---- Vocals, synthesiser. Miscarriage was sung by Edward. Scandinavian Dilemma was sung by Michael. Poets [sic] and Confession was sung by Ochoa. Mixing and sound recouperation tactics by Gerardo and our manager Bruce Robertson. Thus album was recorded the first Sunday of lent 1980.

Sha'ul: Farfisa, C105, C108, Echoplex, Vocals, Lyrics

Bruce Calderwood - vocal noise
Steve DePace - pounding
Will Shatter - low rumble
Ted Falconi - high noise
Bruce & Will change places on "Falling"

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Various - Live At Target - US LP 1980 (Subterranean - SUB 03)Various - Live At Target - US LP 1980 (Subterranean - SUB 03)

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Various - Live At Target - US LP 1980 (Subterranean - SUB 03)Various - Live At Target - US LP 1980 (Subterranean - SUB 03)

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