Various - Rat Music For Rat People Vol. 2

Various - Rat Music For Rat People Vol. 2

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US LP 1984 (CD Presents - CD 009)

1 Butthole Surfers - Butthole Surf Theme Song
2 Big Boys - History
3 Big Boys - The Seed
4 Personality Crisis - Case History
5 Minutemen - Fake Contest
6 J.F.A. - Middle America
7 Tales Of Terror - Skate Or Bate
8 Fang - They Sent Me To Hell C.O.D.
9 M.D.C. - Pay To Come Along
10 M.D.C. - (R)evolution In Rock
11 Dicks - Legacy Of Man
12 Dirty Rotten Imbeciles - Madman
13 Dirty Rotten Imbeciles - Sad To Be
14 White Lie - Postcard From Dachau

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Produced by Paul Rat and David Ferguson
Mastered by Gary Hobish at Fantasy Studios, Berkeley, California
Sequenced and re-recorded at Rhythmic River Studios, , San Francisco, California
Engineered by Gary Hobish, Gary Mankin, Scott Chandler, Ricky Lee Lynd and Spot

Reviews & Opinions

TIM YOHANNAN, MAXIMUM ROCKNROLL #16: AUGUST 1984: Somewhat better than volume 1 of this series, this compilation contains material by the DICKS, the BIG BOYS, J.F.A., D.R.I., and M.D.C., along with a few others . The MINUTEMEN have a winner with "Fake Contest", but D.R.I.'s "Madman" and the M.D.C. tracks rate as the highlights on this varied sampler. Inconsistent but still worthwhile.

Additional Notes

Repressed in 1988 on red and blue vinyl (collectors can spot these by the bar codes on the back covers).


Various - Rat Music For Rat People Vol. 2 - US LP 1984 (CD Presents - CD 009)Various - Rat Music For Rat People Vol. 2 - US LP 1984 (CD Presents - CD 009)

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