Various - The Sound Of Hollywood #5 - du BEAT-e-o

Various - The Sound Of Hollywood #5 - du BEAT-e-o

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US LP 1985 (Mystic - MLP 33112)

1 The M.G.B.'s - Stickball (Excerpt) (Dialog: Ray Sharkey) / The Threat (Dialog: Ray Sharkey)
2 Rainbow Smith And The L.A. Girls - Sure
3 The M.G.B.'s - I Am du BEAT-e-o (Du BEAT-e-o's Theme) (Dialog: Ray Sharkey abd Nora Gaye)
4 Social Distortion - Wasn't A Pretty Picture
5 The M.G.B.'s - Looking For Benny (Dialog: Ray Sharkey)
6 Chuck E. Wess - Sidekick
7 Renea Inouye - I Was Dancing With You Under The Amethyst Sky
8 Tex And The Horseheads - Ice Cold Beer
9 Even Worse - We Suck
10 Social Distortion - Creeps
11 The M.G.B.'s - The Story So Far (Dialog: Ray Sharkey)
12 Social Distortion - Hour Of Darkness
13 Zachary - A Little Lesson In The Movie Biz
14 Dr. Know - Fist Fuck
15 Johanna Went - Benny's Nightmare
16 The M.G.B.'s, - Final Countdown
17 The Mentors - Get Up And Die
18 Mark Wheaton - du BEAT-e-o's Breakdown
19 Alan Slacks - A Comment By The Films Producer

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LP assembled at Mystic Studios
Produced by Doug Moody Productions.
Except 3, 5, 11, 15-18] which are: Produced by Mark Wheaton and Steve Brenner

LP project compiled by Mark Wheaton and Steve Brenner.
Dialog montages assembled and edited by Mark Wheaton and Steve Brenner.

Reviews & Opinions

DOGTOWNE, MAXIMUM ROCKNROLL #28, SEPTEMBER 1985: From an underground movie which stars JOAN JETT, TEX (of the HORSEHEADS), Derf Scratch (FEAR), and El Duce (MENTORS). Includes incidental music, dialogue, and some pretty good tunes from SOCIAL DISTORTION, TEX AND THE HORSEHEADS, MENTORS, JOHANNA WENT, and a killer track from DR. KNOW. Although there are some cool tracks here, it's not the kind of thing you're going to slap on the turntable too often.

Additional Notes

"HZH Productions Presents du BEAT-e-o. An Alan Sacks Film Produced and Directed by Alan Sacks. Written by Mark Sheffler. Based on an idea by Alan Sacks. Starring: Ray Sharkey as du BEAT-e-o The Filmmaker; Joan Jett as the Film Star; Len Lesser as Hendricks The Financier/Mobster; Derf Scratch as Benny the Film Editor; and Nora Gaye as Sharon the Valley Girl. Featuring performances on Film by Johanna Went as Benny's Nightmare; Texacali Jones as du BEAT-e-o's Dream; Zachary as the Singing Telegram and El Duce as El Duce."


Various - The Sound Of Hollywood #5 - du BEAT-e-o - US LP 1985 (Mystic - MLP 33112) Various - The Sound Of Hollywood #5 - du BEAT-e-o - US LP 1985 (Mystic - MLP 33112)

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