Various - Vancouver Independence

Various - Vancouver Independence

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Canada LP 1981 (Friends - FR 009)

1 Subhumans - Behind The Smile
2 Metros - DonĀ“Like It At All
3 Si Monkey - The Conquest Of Daytime
4 No Exit - No Excuse
5 Droogs - Nuremberg '34
6 B-Sides - Spy Vs Spy
7 M. E. C. - What Would You Say?
8 B-Sides - Underground Radio Stars
9 Droogs - J. K. O.
10 No Exit - Nothing New
11 Si Monkey - Get Rigid
12 Subhumans - Out Of Line
13 Metros - In With The Crowd
14 Singing Cowboys - Midnight Cowboy

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Compiled by: Friends/Hot Wax

The following independent bands are all Vancouver musicians
Album mastered at Laquer Channel, Toronto, Canada

The Singing Cowboys are:
Andy Graffiti - drums
Rachel Malice - host bars
Ron Nelson - guitar
Maddy Schenkel - violin
Germ Warfare - Pinball synthesizer
Murray Arnott - piano & synthesizer
Four track recording (originally not intended for release) was recorded at the practise space. Additional mixing and production at Buttertree Sound, engineered by Donn Tarris, produced by Ron and Murray.

The B-Sides are:
Bobby Herron - vocals, percussion
Tony Bea - guitar
Chris Taylor - drums
Scott Martin - bass
Dano Fifo - guitar, keyboards
Richard Reverb - keyboards
Everybody sings
Recorded and engineered at Little Mountain Sound, produced and mixed by Pat and Mike.

No Exit is:
Mark Hons - guitar, vocals
Scruff - guitar, vocals, screams
Jimmy-Joe-Pearson - percussion
Live four track recording, produced, engineered and mixed at Braineater Sound by Ivo. Kevin Lucks plays bass.

Si Monkey are:
Frank Ramirez - vocals, synthesizer, rhythm box
Germ Warfare: synthesizer, vocal treatment
Doreen Gray: Audio
Recorded and engineered on four track at Columbo Sound Loom, produced by Doreen Gray, mixed at Fearless Airwaves.

The Subhumans are:
Wimpy Roy - vocals
Gerry Useless - bass, vocals
Jim Imagawa - drums
Mike Graham - guitar, vocals
Recorded, produced and engineered at Ocean Sound Studio by Dick Drake. Behind The Smile remix by Dave Thomas.

The Metros are:
Dave Mincey - guitar, vocals
Ian Noble - drums, vocals
Steve Tuai - bass, vocals
Produced and recorded by Mark Docherty, mixed by Tracy Marks.

The Droogs are:
Dave Pemberton - drums
Perry Cambouris - guitar
Naseem Tyab - vocals
Douglas Ewanchook - bass, keyboards
Produced, engineered and recorded at Ocean Sound by The Droogs and Tracy Marks. Final mix by The Droogs.

M. E. C. are:
George McDonald - guitar, theremin
Mark Franklin - bass, vocals
Xaliman - guitar, vocals
Dell Deftman: synthesizer, electric axe
Garnet Morse - drums
Recorded At PSI Chord Studios, produced and engineered by M. E. C. Final Mix at M. E. C. Studio.

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Various - Vancouver Independence - Canada LP 1981 (Friends - FR 009)Various - Vancouver Independence - Canada LP 1981 (Friends - FR 009)

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