Various - Welcome To Ax/ction Island

Various - Welcome To Ax/ction Island

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US 7" 1986 (Ax/ction - ACT. 5)

Charlie's Side
1 Cancerous Growth - Delusionary Tactics
2 Stupids - We Suck
3 GG Allin - I Wanna Suck Your Cunt
Johnny's Side
4 Psycho - Animal
5 Spastic Rats - Incite To Violence
6 PTL Klub - Constitutional Monarchy
7 The Scam - Wasted Time

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1 Cancerous Growth:
Marc Anthony God - guitars, vocals
Terminal Tom - bass
Charlie Infection - drums
Recorded at Northeast Sound Studios
Produced by Cancerous Growth with Gary Smith

2 Stupids:
Lineup on this recording:
Marty - guitar
Tommy - drums, vocals
Wolfie - bass
(Recorded at Treetop Ave. Studios, produced by Andrew Fryer)

4 Psycho:
Johnny X - guitars
Mega - vocals
Charlie Infection - drums
Ed Lynch - bass

7 The Scam
The Scam are:
Eric - vocals
Bill - guitar
Matt - bass
Kenny - drums
Recorded by Dave Spawlding at Double Edge Studios

Reviews & Opinions

STEVE SPINALI, MAXIMUM ROCKNROLL #43, DECEMBER 1986: Seven bands including The SCAM, PSYCHO, GG ALLIN, and CANCEROUS GROWTH contribute a song each to this thrashy EP. Two songs rip (STUPIDS, SPASTIC RATS), one Is pretty food (PTL KLUB), and the rest lapse into genericness.

Additional Notes

There are no credits for the tracks by G.G. Allin, Spastic Rats or PTL Klub in the insert.


Various - Welcome To Ax/ction Island - US 7" 1986 (Ax/ction - ACT. 5)Various - Welcome To Ax/ction Island - US 7" 1986 (Ax/ction - ACT. 5)

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