Various - Wet Dreams

Various - Wet Dreams

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UK LP 1984 (Rot - ASS 4)

1 Riot Squad - Unite And Fight
2 Breakout - Waste Away
3 Paranoia - Shattered Glass
4 Clockwork Soldiers - Hit And Run
5 Christianity B.C. - Trinity
6 X-Cretas - Familiarity
7 Resistance 77 - Communist Cunt
8 Dead Mans Shadow - Flower In The Gun
B1 X-Cretas - It's Our Life
B2 Riot Squad - Friday Night Hero
B3 Paranoia - Dissillusion
B4 Resistance 77 - Send In The S.A.S.
B5 Christianity B.C. - What A Shame
B6 External Menace - Shocktrooper
B7 Clockwork Soldiers - Dream

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JEFF BALE, MAXIMUM ROCKNROLL #13, APRIL 1984: A collection of new U.K. bands performing a variety of styles, including basic Britpunk (RIOT SQUAD, CHIRSTIANITY B.C., the X-CRETAS, DEAD MAN'S SHADOW, the CLOCKWORK SOLDIERS, and EXTERNAL MENACE), Oi (BREAKOUT), "classical" punk (RESISTANCE '77), and tense experimental punk (PARANOIA). RIOT SQUAD, the CLOCKWORK SOLDIERS, and the X-CRETAS each do one thrashed-out number, and RESISTANCE '77 have the most retarded lyrics. Although Wet Dreams represents a positive effort to give new bands more exposure, it doesn't always satisfy from a musical standpoint.

Additional Notes

"This L.P. has been released in the hope of giving a cross section of punk bands around today. All the bands on this L.P. deserve to be heard and so do many other punk bands allover the world, so if your [sic] in a band, then send us a demo tape and you could be included on the next L.P. Rot records would like to thank Dead Mans Shadow for all their help in the past, and wish them luck in the future".


Various - Wet Dreams - UK LP 1984 (Rot - ASS 4)Various - Wet Dreams - UK LP 1984 (Rot - ASS 4)

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