Various - What Surf II

Various - What Surf II

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US LP 1985 (What Records? - W12-2409)

1 Davie Allan And The Arrows - Invasion Of The Body Surfers 2:09
2 The Pyramids - Penetration 1:58
3 The Burglars - Run For Your Life 1:49
4 The Surf Raiders - Surf Rider 2:40
5 Jim Dunfrund And The Halibuts - Image Of A Surfer 1:58
6 The Halibuts - Surf Drums 2:04
7 The Pandoras IV - Thunder Alley 1:51
8 Davie Allan And The Arrows - Deep Six 2:36
9 Sandy Nelson - Redondo Strand 2:16
10 Agent Orange - Surfbeat '85 2:16

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Album produced by Chris Ashford

The Halibuts, Davie Allan and The Pandoras IV recorded and mixed at EMI.
Agent Orange recorded at Group IV and mixed at EMI
Engineered by Jim (J.B.) Bauerlein (EMI), Andy D'Addariio (Group IV)
Mastered at EMI by Ron McMaster

The Pyramids produced by John Hodge
The Surf Raiders produced by Bob Dalley from a live practice session
Sandy Nelson produced by Frank Beeson

Agent Orange:
Mike - guitars
Scott - drums
James - bass

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Additional Notes

Only band members for Agent Orange listed above (the rest are not punk). What Surf III came out in 1988.


Various - What Surf II - US LP 1985 (What Records? - W12-2409)Various - What Surf II - US LP 1985 (What Records? - W12-2409)

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