The Wasps - This Was Punk

The Wasps - This Was Punk

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Italy LP 2011 (Rave Up – EPS 04)

1 Can't Wait Till '78
2 Stranger Love
3 Waiting For My Man
4 Teenage Treats
5 JJJJenny
6 Free Country
7 Run Run Angelica
8 She Made Magic
9 Evil Man
10 Something To Tell You
11 He's Back

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PAUL RIGBY, RECORD COLLECTOR: This collection of previously unreleased recordings, singles and live tracks from London’s Vortex club highlights the best recorded output of this nearly-band. signed to RCA between 1976-77, The Wasps were quickly stung by legal wrangles, but managed to record enough material to make their mark. Singer Jesse Lynn-Dean’s spits out snotty cynicism alongside guitars thrashed to within an inch of their life and a drum kit crushed into dust.

LET'S GET HURT BLOGSPOT: Teenage Treats has gotta be a Top 5 UK punk single, not to mention one that I've lost on eBay several times over the past couple years. Here it is, along with a slew of other top-tier UK punk. This band has always struck me as being far too musically capable to be placed alongside the stereotypical gobb-drenched yobbos that are so prevalent when it comes to this genre/locale. This is a pro fuckin' band with a pro fuckin' sound that make pro fuckin' punk. INTO IT IN A MAJOR WAY.

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The Wasps - This Was Punk - Italy LP 2011 (Rave Up – EPS 04)The Wasps - This Was Punk - Italy LP 2011 (Rave Up – EPS 04)

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