Inferno Records


Based: Birmingham, UK

Minor label from the West Midlands, set up by record shop owners Brian Harris and Keith Thornton to release local punk bands. Their shop, by the way, was Tempest, in Bull Street, and don't bother looking for it because it isn't there any more (no surprise). Mind you, it ran for more than 40 years, closing in 2010, so it had a good innings.

Regarding the label name, some sources - 45cat for instance - list it as Inferno, and some - Discogs - as Inferno/Tempest. As Tempest is the name of the record shop and Inferno is the name of the label, all releases on this label are listed on Punky Gibbon as Inferno releases.



Singles (all 7"):
HELL 1 THE VARUKERS - The Varukers E.P. 1981
HELL 2 DEAD WRETCHED - No Hope For Anyone E.P 1982
HELL 3 DRONGOS FOR EUROPE - Death's A Career 1982
HELL 4 THE VARUKERS - I Don't Wanna Be A Victim! 1982
HELL 5 DEAD WRETCHED - Convicted / Infiltrator 1982
HELL 7 CRIMINAL CLASS - Fighting The System 1982


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