Formed: Southsea near Portsmouth, Hampshire, England, UK

From: UK82 (thanks Henk for allowing me to use this text and images):

Acid Attack Portsmouth"Acid Attack are a pretty good band from Southsea near Portsmouth (I've got to say that as Jacko, the singer said my fanzine was one of the best he'd ever seen - obviously a gentleman of good taste). Formed in Nov 1980 their first gig several months later ended in total riot after pricks in the crowd decided it would be funny to throw cans at the band. Since they have gone through numerous line-up changes and soon had a completely different set up from the first gig. Unfortunately the band is drummerless at the moment but they hope to be back in circulation soon.

"The main idea behind Acid Attack" says Jacko, "is to be a punk rock group not stuck in any neat little categories eg. Crass-punk or Oi!-punk as this restricts you to a certain limit. Punk is supposed to be a non-conformist thing which is exactly what it isn't any more. Each member of the group has their own musical opinion and when writing songs it helps us to get out of one particular vein." The band have put together a 12 track studio recorded cassette LP which is worth a listen. The quality is a lot better than yer average biscuit-tin demo tape and most of the tracks are good, solid, bouncy punk tunes with an individual sound and intelligent lyrics. The bands name refers to LSD (something all good boys and girls know nothing about) rather than 'dont spill that bloody stuff on my hands' acid, and the first track, the bands anthem 'Acid Attack', is a slag at out-of-touch acidheads. It's the best track on the tape and after a slow start breaks into powerful, speedy tune that is so catchy that you'll be whistling it all day after a few listens. This is then followed by the also excellent 'Fuck The Bomb' and a string of others including 'Suburbias [sic] Dream', 'Who Do They Think They Are?' and 'Nothing Doing'. After the 12 studio tracks there's a few live songs (including a manic version of Devo's "Mongoloid") which are good too. You also get a free badge and a booklet with the lyrics and lots of pictures of spikey haired punk rockers thrown in for good measure. The tape is definitely worth getting so send £1.25 plus SAE to ************ Watch out for this band I think they've got some thing."



Demos / Extraneous Releases / Various Artists

Acid Attack - acidattack_sulphuric.htmlSulphuric (Tape, 1983)

Acid Attack - Acid Attack  TapeAcid Attack (Tape, 1983)

Extraneous Releases

Acid Attack - Suburbia's Dream LP+7"Suburbia's Dream (CD, 2016)

Acid Attack - Suburbia's Dream 7"Suburbia's Dream (7", 2018)


Various Artists

Cordial 1 UK Tape 1983 (Pax Products): There's Gonna Be Another / Suburbias Dream

On The Street UK LP 1984 (Sane): Suburbia's Dream

"Get Lost!" UK Tape 1984 (Greenhouse Tapes): Alone Inside / Warsaw




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