Various - On The Street

Various - On The Street (Sane Records)

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UK LP 1984 (Sane - SANE 003)

A1 Primitive - Why
A2 Vicious Hamsters - Soul City Boys
A3 Acid Attack - Suburbia's Dream
A4 Oi Polloi - Punx 'n' Skinz
A5 Devoid - Conned
A6 Abductors - Notts Punks
A7 Catch 22 - Danger Zone
B1 Criminal Justice - Machines And Systems
B2 Criminal Justice - Middle East Mayhem
B3 Fungus - Swimming Life
B4 4 Minute Warning - I Don't Care
B5 The Clergy - Blow This Town
B6 Dead On Arrival - Molester
B7 Dead On Arrival - Zyklon B
B8 Obscene Females - Brain Surgeon
B9 Obscene Females - Undersea
B10 Obscene Females - Modern Art
B11 Rough Justice - Victory To The Rebels

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This is Sane Records 3rd LP 'On The Street', It features 18 tracks from British Punk bands in their original demo form taken from the bands' studio-recorded master tapes. Who says punk is dead!!?

The idea behind Sane Records is to give "undiscovered" bands a chance to be "on disc" so that their music can be heard by people who wouldn't normally hear it (like you). Sane Records is a "one-man operation" and is a non0profit making record label.

Special thanx to all the bands on this LP for their trust and patience in Sane Records ...without that this LP would not have been possible.

Sleeve design: NEXT DOOR'S CAT!

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Subtitled: 18 Punk Tracks From British Punk Bands.


Various - On The Street - UK LP 1984 (Sane - SANE 003)Various - On The Street - UK LP 1984 (Sane - SANE 003)


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