man ka zam

Formed:New York, USA

New Yorkers Alan Milman (the brains behind an early NY 'zine imaginatively titled Punk Rock) and Doug Khazzam comprised The Alan Milman Sect, who parodied UK punk on the equally imaginatively titled Punk Rock Christmas. Surprisingly, it's a pretty funny record, certainly less irksome than (say) The Pork Dukes, and infinitely preferable to the so-called supergroup The Greedies or shitty exploitation jobbies like Matt Black & The Doodlebugs. But it ain't as funny as The Yobs. Both Urge Overkill and Anal Babies later covered 'Stitches In My Head', the second track on the EP.

After the first EP the duo promptly switched to new wave and changed their name to Man-Ka-Zam, issuing an EP as such in 1978. An unreleased album - ManKazaM Goes Surfin - remains locked in the vaults.

After this they hopped onto another bandwagon (50s rockabilly/rock 'n' roll revivalism) as Buddy Love, releasing a self-titled album for Davco in 1983.

Material from the Sect and Man-Ka-Zam is compiled on the LP-only Stitches In My Head.

Milman resurfaced in 60s garage punk revivalists Duck & The Ponds, who made an album for Big Beat in '88, while Khazzam continues to pursue his love of Beatles/60s pop with R.C. Flyers.


Alan Milman - vocals
Doug Khazzam - guitar



Singles / Albums

Alan Milman Sect - Punk Rock Christmas Man-Ka-Zam - Man-Ka-Zam      
Punk Rock Christmas
(7", as The Alan Milman Sect, 1977)
(7", as Man-Ka-Zam, 1978)

Extraneous Releases

The Alan Milman Sect / Man-Ka-Zam - Stitches The Alan Milman Sect / Man-Ka-Zam - Stitches In My Head      
(CD, as The Alan Milman Sect + Man-Ka-Zam, 1995)
Stitches In My Head
(CD, as The Alan Milman Sect 2007)


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