Anti-Heros - That's Right!

Anti-Heros - That's Right!

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UK LP 1987 (Link - LINK LP 020)

A1 The Anti-Heros Are Here
A2 Disco Riot
A3 You Can't Kill The Blues With A Gun
A4 The Other Side
A5 The Young Loner
A6 The Herbert Moonstomp
A7 Some Fun
B1 He's A Skin
B2 I'm Hungry
B3 Choose
B4 The Bomb
B5 Porch Monkey
B6 What's A Skin
B7 Smash A Window

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Mark Noah [vocals]
Joe Winograd [guitar]
Mike Jones [bass]
Tim Spier [drums]

Reviews & Opinions

PUNKY GIBBON: They play Oi! faster and angrier than the likes of The Business and Cock Sparrer, but not necessarily better, although these guys charge through the likes of 'He’s A Skin' and 'The Herbert Moonstomp' with plenty of zest, aided and abetted by demented Steve Albini soundalike Mark Noah on vocals. At the very least, there’s a certain novelty value in hearing people yelling “Oi! Oi! Oi!” in an American accent.

Additional Notes

This was issued as a twofer with Don't Tread On Me as Forgotten Heros.


Anti-Heros - That's Right!  UK LP 1987 (Link - LINK LP 020)Anti-Heros - That's Right! Link UK LP 1987 (Link - LINK LP 020) Back Cover

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