Cane, UK PUnk 1977

Formed: London, England, UK

Came - "3x3" UK 7" 1978 (Lightning - GIL 531)

Basic 1977 punk of no special interest outside of 'College Girls'', having a chorus that goes, "College girls' clits!" Good fun, though. It appeared first on the classic Streets compilation (1977) and then on their one single, recorded as a trio after the departure of Chris Battersby. Vocalist Kip later joined The Vibrators and then The Chords.


Kip - vocals, guitar
Chris Battersby - guitar
Steve Jefford - bass
Dave "Pixie" Parker - drums



Singles & Albums

3x3 "3x3" (7", 1978)


Various Artists

Streets UK LP 1977 (Beggars Banquet): College Girls

Lightning Records Punk Collection UK CD 1996 (Anagram): D.K.Dance / College Girls

Young Raw Sounds UK (Rare Punk Vol 1) UK LP 1997 (Zeus): Dice

Cool Punk UK CD 1999 (New Sound 2000 Ltd.): Dice / D.K.Dance / College Girls



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