Carnage Bexhill On SeaCARNAGE

Formed: Bexhill-On-Sea, East Sussex, England, UK

Paul Rubbish - Vocals
Steve - Drums
Grant - Bass
Colin - Guitar, vocals
Rhubarb - Vocals
Jake - Lead Guitar
Sidney Vayne - Rhythm Guitar
Leechie Smith - Bass
Mental - Drums
(Gam - Vocals on 'Dismal')
Andy 'Hu' "Halitosis" Hutchins - Vocals
Chris Makin - Drums
'Rusky' Russell - Drums


Singles / Albums

Carnage - Beautiful Carnage Carnage - All The Sad People Carnage - Liars And Hypocrites Carnage - Face The Facts Carnage - Our Life In Their Hands
Beautiful Carnage (Tape, 1982) All The Sad People
(7", 1983)
Liars And Hypocrites
(7", 1984)
Face The Facts
(LP, 1984)
Our Life In Their Hands
(7", 1985)
Carnage - May The Farce Be With You!        
May The Farce Be With You!
(LP, 1985)

Various Artists

Bullshit Detector Three UK 2xLP 1984 (Crass): Carnage

We Don't Want Your Fucking Law! UK LP 1985 (Fight Back): Disarm Or Die?





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