Various - We Don't Want Your Fucking Law!

We Don't Want Your Fucking Law!

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UK LP 1985 (Fight Back - LP FIGHT 7)

A1 Karma Sutra - How The Other Half Die
A2 Arch Criminals - Poison Hate
A3 Vorksjugend - 08/15
A4 The Cause - Soldier
A5 The Insane - World's Going Insane
A6 Wardance - Stand The Proud
A7 The Drill - Listen Nazi
A8 The Apostles - Mob Violence
B1 Rubella Ballet - Money Talks
B2 The Partisans - Anger & Fear
B3 Carnage - Disarm Or Die?
B4 Vex - Rushing To Hide
B5 Positive impact - The Last War
B6 Duet - Dreams Of Tomorrow
B7 Reality - A Sign Of The Times
B8 Upright Citizens - Facts & Views

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