Various - Bullshit Detector Three

Various - Bullshit Detector Three

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UK 2xLP 1984 (Crass - 1984/3)

A1 Avert Aversion - Oh What A Nice Day 1:25
A2 Awake Mankind - Once Upon A Time 2:00
A3 A Nul Noise - Hibashuka 3:10
A4 Animus - Nuclear Piss 2:45
A5 Peroxide - Ministry Of Death (M.O.D.) 1:57
A6 Untitled - We Are Taught To Kill 0:25
A Xtract - Fight For Peace 2:58
A8 Verbal Assault - Not Yet Ron 2:07
A9 Fifth A Column - Counterfeit Culture 2:43
A10 Potential Victims - People 2:22
B1 7th Plague - Rubber Bullets 2:07
B2 Rebel A - Genesis Genocide 2:16
B3 Alienated - Living In Fear 2:00
B4 Barbed Wire - Weapons Of War 2:27
B5 Rob Williams - Lies 0:38
B6 Reality Control - The War Is Over 3:16
B Youthanasia - Power 2:01
B8 Sammy Rubette & Safety March - The Ballot Of Maggie The Maggot 0:41
B9 Politicide - 51st State 1:34
B10 Markus Abused - The Killing Machine 1:19
C1 One Man's Meat - Your Country Misleads You 3:16
C2 Direct Action - Death WIthout A Thought 2:31
C3 Crag - Voice Your Protest 0:40
C4 Attrition - In Your Hand 2:18
C5 Napalm Death - The Crucifixion Of Possessions 1:18
C6 The Impalers - Sun, Sun, Sun 2:07
C7 Health Hazard - Picture 2:13
C8 Phil Hedgehog - Radio TImes 1:48
C9 Malice - Faceless 2:01
C10 Michael Kingzett Taylor - Paranoia 1:14
D1 Brainwashed Pupils - The Demonstration 1:51
D2 No Defences - Work To Consume 2:29
D3 A.N.E.E.B. - Berlin Wall 0:34
D4 Carnage - Carnage 2:08
D5 Warning - Beasts Of Fiction / Tin Drum 2:02
D6 State Of Shock - Excess Youth 2:08
D7 Neale Harmer - Hard Nut 0:53
D8 Dead To The World - Action Man 2:07
D9 Dandruff - Life In A Whiskey Bottle 2:22
D10 Richard III - Will You Care? 3:05
D11 Funky Rayguns - The Hare And A Tortoise 0:46

Chart Placings

UK Indie Hit: 5, 10 wks


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Reviews & Opinions

PUNKY GIBBON: The same mix as before: experimental shite, tin-pot punk (either thrash, Oi!-esque ranting, '77-style, anarcho), and hopeless poetry. Some mix two or three of these styles. Generally the best-sounding of the three LPs. If you were to keep the better punk songs (Awake Mankind, Animus, Xtract, Fifth Column, Potential Victim, 7th Plague, Barbed Wire, Youthanasia, Politicide, Napalm Death, Impalers, Health Hazard, Malice, Carnage, Dead To The World) and ditch everything else, you'd have a pretty good single LP.

PUSHEAD, MAXIMUM ROCKNROLL #19, NOVEMBER 1984: 41 underground acts delivering the message of peace, and their anger about the corrosion of society. A variety of musical styles, ranging from readings and folk, to punk. Loud and aggressive, it carries it all and holds strong. The poster cover features an informative segment on each artists's lyrics and beliefs. As the cover states, "Don;t expect music when the melody is anger, when the message sings defiance." With a haunting illo by Naomi!!

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Various - Bullshit Detector Three - UK 2xLP 1984 (Crass - 1984/3) Various - Bullshit Detector Three - UK 2xLP 1984 (Crass - 1984/3)

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