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Born: Patrick Joseph Fitzgerald, London, 19 March 1956

Punk poet Patrik Fitzgerald was a special talent. Armed with just an acoustic guitar, he rose to prominence via a record deal with Small Wonder, one of Britain’s most consistently interesting indie labels at the time. Singing in a charming boy-next-door Cockney accent about the realities of working class life, often in a hail of spit from disgruntled kids who decided he wasn't punk enough, he was as punk as it got. (He even auditioned for London SS, you know.)

His debut EP Safety Pin Stuck In My Heart is a classic, filled with witty lyrics and pithy observations about state control tactics (‘Work. Rest. Play. Reggae’) and the pains of unrequited love on the frantically strummed title track. Two more EPs in a similar vein (the excellent Backstreet Boys and the slightly boring The Paranoid Ward) followed, his increasing popularity resulting in Small Wonder making a deal with Polydor to distribute Grubby Stories. It’s a splendid album, one of the forgotten beauties of the time. Seventeen songs on all manner of subjects (prostitution, football violence, suicide pacts, sexual diseases, boredom, trendies, punk as a commodity), the one-man approach is abandoned on a couple of group efforts featuring assistance from members of Buzzcocks and Penetration. Throughout there is a commitment to Crass-like punk idealism, but the delivery is warm, cheeky and charming, and at times summoning up moments of genuine pathos and even sadness and regret.

Following two more great singles and the Tonight E.P., Fitzgerald abandoned punk entirely.

Safety Pin Stuck In My Heart is a CD-only compilation that includes the entire contents of the first three EPs, selected singles sides (‘All Sewn Up’ from 1979 and ‘Pop Star Pop Star’ from 1982), some songs from the debut album, and a handful of demos. It is a great overview of his punkier years and features amusing liner notes from Fitzgerald himself ("I also appeared in front of 80,000 people in Victoria Park, Hackney, a Rock Against Racism event where some Clash fans, tolerant souls that they were ...mistook myself and the acoustic for a dartboard".)



Subsequent studio albums: Pillow Tension (1995), Room Service (2001), Floating Population (2006), Dark Side Of The Room (split with Pog, 2006), Subliminal Alienation (2012).

Singles & Albums / Extraneous Releases / Various Artists

Patrik Fitzgerald - Safety Pin Stuck In My HeartSafety Pin Stuck In My Heart (7", 1978)

Patrik Fitzgerald - Backstreet BoysBackstreet Boys (7", 1978)

Patrik Fitzgerald - The Paranoid WardThe Paranoid Ward (7"/12", 1978)

Patrik Fitzgerald - All Sewn UpAll Sewn Up (7", 1979)

Patrik Fitzgerald - Grubby StoriesGrubby Stories (LP, 1979)

Patrik Fitzgerald - Improve MyselfImprove Myself (7", 1979)

Patrik Fitzgerald Group - Tonight E.P.Tonight E.P. (12", as Patrik Fitzgerald Group, 1980)

Patrik Fitzgerald - Without SexWithout Sex (7", as Josef Garrett, 1981)

Patrik Fitzgerald - Personal LossPersonal Loss (7", 1982)

Patrik Fitzgerald - Gifts And Telegrams Gifts And Telegrams (LP, 1982)

Patrik Fitzgerald - Drifting Towards ViolenceDrifting Towards Violence (LP, 1983)

Patrik Fitzgerald - Tunisian Tiwst Tunisian Twist (LP, as Patrik Fitzgerald +3, 1986)

Extraneous Releases

Patrik Fitzgerald - The individual SpokeThe Individual Spoke... (7", flexi, split with Anne Clark, 1982)

Patrik Fitzgerald - TreasuresTreasures From The Wax Museum (CD, 1993)

Patrik Fitzgerald - Safety PinSafety Pin Stuck In My Heart: The Very Best Of... (CD, 1994)

Patrik Fitzgerald - Safety Pins, Secret Lives And The Paranoid Ward (The Best Of 1977-1986)Safety Pins, Secret Lives And The Paranoid Ward (The Best Of 1977-1986) (2xCD, 2014)

Various Artists

20 Of Another Kind UK LP 1979 (Polydor): Irrelevant Battles

20 Of Another Kind Volume Two UK LP 1979 (Polydor): All Sewn Up / Improve Myself

Dreams And Desires UK Taper 1984 (Pleasantly Surprised): Smile

Goodbye To All That UK LP 1985 (Red Flame): Island Of Lost Souls Red

Seeds II: Art UK LP 1987 (Cherry Red): Trendy

Ashes And Diamonds (The Underground Educational Entertainment Program 2) UK LP 1988 (Red Flame/Ink/Underground Magazine): Drifting Towards Violence

Small Wonder: The Punk Singles Collection UK CD 1994 (Anagram): Safety Pin Stuck In My Heart / Buy Me Sell Me

Small Wonder: The Punk Singles Collection Volume Two UK CD 1996 (Anagram): Set We Free / The Little Dippers / Irrelevant Battles

1-2-3-4 Punk & New Wave 1976-1979 UK 5xCD 1999 (Universal): Safety Pin Stuck In My Heart



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