Meat Puppets - meat puppets

Formed: Phoenix, Arixzona, USA

Meat Puppets - Phoenix, Arixzona, USA


Singles / Albums

Meat Puppets - In A Car Meat Puppets - Meat Puppets Meat Puppets - Meat Puppets II Meat Puppets - Up On The Sun Meat Puppets - Out My Way
In A Car (7", 1981) Meat Puppets
(LP, 1982)
Meat Puppets II
(LP, 1984)
Up On The Sun
(LP, 1985)
Out My Way
(12", 1986)

Extraneous Releases

Meat Puppets - No Strings Attached Meat Puppets - Classic Puppets      
No Strings Attached (2xLP/CD, 1990) Classic Puppets
(CD, 2004)


Meat Puppets - Swimming Ground Meat Puppets - Special Forces Radio Concert      
Swimming Ground
(7", 1986)
Special Forces Radio Concert (LP, 1986)      


Meat Puppets - Dexterity        
Dexterity (CD, 1992)        


Various Artists

Keats Rides A Harley US LP 1981 (Happy Squid):H-Elenore

Monitor US LP 1981 (World Imitation): Hair [this is an LP by the band Monitor which featured a Meat Puppets song]

Light Bulb Magazine Number Four - "The Emergency Cassette" US Tape 1981 (Los Angeles Free Music Society): Meat Puppets

Amuck US LP 1982 (Placebo): Unpleasant

In Full Cry US 8" Flexi 1982 (Take It!): Teenager(s)

Where Is J.R. ? Germany Tape 1982 (Schrott): In A Car / Dolphin Field

The Blasting Concept US LP 1983 (SST): Tumblin' Tumbleweeds / Meat Puppets

Bang Zoom No. 2 US Tape 1983 (Bang Zoom): Blue Green God (Live) / Our Friends (Live)

Basic Sampler US Tape 1984 (Deux Ex Machina/Basic Tapes): Problem Child / Aurora Borealis

Lovedolls Superstar US LP 1986 (SST): No Values

The 7 Inch Wonders Of The World US Tape 1986 (SST): In A Car / Big House / Dolphin Field / Out In The Gardener / Foreign Lawns

The Blasting Concept Volume II US LP 1986 (SST): I Just Want To Make Love To You

Duck And Cover US LP/CD 1990 (SST): Good Golly Miss Molly

The Bob US 7" 1991 (The Bob Magazine/Eva-Tone): Rock And Roll

Punk Anderson's Favourites Germany 2xCD 1995 (Starving Missile): In A Car / Dolphin Field / Big House


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