Various - Basic Sampler

Various - Basic Sampler

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US Tape 1984 (Deux Ex Machina/Basic Tapes - CSV 10)

Program 1
A1 Maggot Brains - Intro
A2 Maggot Brains - Charlie Manson
A3 Mr. Epp and the Calculations - What's Right?
A4 I Refuse It - Hit and Run Attack
A5 I Refuse It - Sacrifici Umeni
A6 The Meat Puppets - Problem Child
A7 The Meat Puppets - Aurora Borealis
A8 D.O.A. - Slumlord
Program 2
B1 Solger - Raping Dead Nuns
B2 Solger - Dead Solger
B4 C.C.M. - Getting Violent
B5 Part-Time Christians - Strength Through Bowling
B6 Part-Time Christians - Al Capone
B7 The Rejectors - Patriot
B8 The Rejectors - The End
B9 The Fartz - Police Force
B10The Fartz - People United

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A8: Live recording at Seattle's Guerilla Room, December 1981 by Jim Banner

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TIM YOHANNON, MAXIMUM ROCKNROLL #21, JANUARY 1985: CCM and I REFUSE IT from Italy; FARTZ and SOLGER (R.I.P.) and REJECTERS from the Northwest; MEAT PUPPETS, PART-TIME CHRISTIANS, and MAGGOT BRAINS from all around. Lots of live tracks and decent sound quality, but what's most unusual about this release accompanying booklet with lyrics, addresses, etc., a rarity these days.

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